I am interested in so many subjects that it makes it difficult for me to choose one to blog about.

If you take the dev world alone, I love talking and reading about containers, microservices, API gateways, data structures, algorithms, Java, Spring, Flutter, Go, Rust, React, Next.js, Jamstack, NoSQL, Kafka… Yes, I am a generalist. That’s what 25 years of CompSci do to you.

It doesn’t stop there. I love Game Dev! Shaders, procedural generation, 3D modeling, sound design… speaking of which remembers me of my recent passion for samplers and synthesizers, musical production, piano, music theory, drums… And a bazillion other random things like cars and motorsports, knowledge organization techniques like Zettelkasten, personal finance and investments, well… you get the idea.

How do you guys stick to a narrow range of subjects to blog about? Am I getting crazy, a kind of knowledge addicted junkie? Should I create N blogs to spread the word about whichever comes into my radar?

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