Hi, I'm Marcelo Gonçalves.

Here is the place where I write down my latest findings in tech, programming, software architecture, DevOps, gaming and game dev, etc. Maybe you’ll see some project ideas and drafts too. It’s also one of many places you can find me and start a chat.

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I am a software developer since mid 90's and have experienced all major languages, platforms and paradigms since. From good old Clipper 5 to VB and Delphi, then some weird ones like Progress and Centura, then to web with ASP and PHP. Well, this was a long time ago...

Over the last 20 years (I was about to write "recently", but figured it to not that recent) I've put my hands on Java, Ruby and Python. Had even some time and opportunities to experiment with Go, Elixir and Rust. Today I'm most focused on backend Java with Spring ecossystem, reactive systems, Kafka, Docker and Kubernetes.

This is my Blog, where you can excpect to find content on any of (but not limited to) these subjects. Hope you like the variety and depth of the articles I write. Feel free to get in touch via social media, e-mail or commenting on DEV, where my articles are cross-posted from.

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Who is your programming hero?

Who is your programming hero?

The good guys at The Changelog podcast (Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo) used to ask this question to...

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